Cream Corn Pork Chops

Cream Corn Pork Chops Casserole has boneless pork chops cooked to juicy perfection, topped with creamy corn and buttery bread cubes. This is one of the best pork chop recipes for an easy comfort food dinner!

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pork chops dinner casserole made with cream corn

Cream Corn Pork Chops

Happy Monday morning, friends!

We’re starting this week in our new house! We got every.last.little.bit. of our junk prized possessions transferred from the old house to the new house this past weekend. It didn’t take long to move it thanks to so much help, but now I have a heap of stuff to sort through. Most days? I’ll be OK with this because I like to organize. But after a long weekend of moving? It’s slightly overwhelming. To you seasoned movers…tell me I can do this!

buttery toasted bread crumbs on top of creamed corn casserole with pork chops

The local pizza shop has been on speed dial over the past two weeks and I’m anxious to break my ties with them. To eat real, home cooked meals that I prepare in my new kitchen.

And I may just start with this Cream Corn Pork Chops recipe. It’s a classic. Pork chops browned in oil, then baked to a juicy perfection with cream corn poured overtop. But my favorite part? The sauteed onions and buttery bread crumbs that add a boost of flavor and a bit of crunch to the creamy corn casserole.

plate of cream corn pork chops casserole

How to Cook the Pork for the Cream Corn Pork Chops Casserole

Just a few weeks ago I shared a pork loin recipe and told you about my new favorite kitchen tool, the oven-safe probe thermometer. The most important thing to remember when cooking pork is to not over cook it. I’m so guilty of doing this over the years. For so long the only way I liked pork was when I slow cooked it in the crockpot.  But you can have juicy pork right from the oven or the grill by testing the internal temperature of the meat. Cook the pork to an internal temperature of 145 degrees. There will be a blush of pink in the center of the pork. It’s safe to eat, but so juicy and packed with flavor.

The tender pork and creamy corn pairs so well with the buttery bread cubes that sit on top of the casserole. I like to use day old Italian bread for this so the bread is thick and slightly chewy. You’ll toast those bread cubes and chopped onion in the same skillet that you browned the pork chops in. Try not to pop those buttery bread crumbs in your mouth once they are all golden brown. They’re slightly addicting but trust me…you’ll want them on top of your casserole!

fork holding bites of pork chops casserole with creamed corn

This is a quick casserole recipe. The cream corn pork chops bake just 20-25 minutes, but the exact time will depend on how thick the pork chops are, which is why the internal oven-safe probe thermometer is so important.

25 minutes….just about enough time to unpack 2-3 boxes.

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