Eggnog Monkey Bread

Warm, gooey monkey bread dressed up for the holidays with eggnog! Make this easy cinnamon roll Eggnog Monkey Bread and serve warm for either a dessert, breakfast or brunch. 

If you have a little eggnog left in your fridge after your Christmas party, make this easy eggnog monkey bread. It’s a more simple flavor than our sweet strawberry monkey bread, but is so comforting for the holiday season.

Eggnog Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey bread is one of those recipes that is just dangerous to have around. In less than an hour from start to finish you can be enjoying warm, caramelized cinnamon bread that is perfectly acceptable to eat with your fingers. This easy recipe is a great way to use up a little leftover eggnog!

Why do they call it monkey bread?

So where in the world did monkey bread get its name? The idea behind the name is that you pick the bread apart and eat it with your fingers. Just like a monkey would do!

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