Grazing Tables Tips and Preparing Ideas


Do you want to do a special invitation for your friends and do not know what to do for meals? Okay then, grazing tables are amazing for you.  
Yes if you prepare grazing table, your guests will definitely like this idea. Thus they can eat what they want. Cheeses, fruits, meats, drinks, breads, snacks and everything that you can imagine. Just prepare a table or a flat surface that you can put the foods.

How to prepare grazing tables?

Then think what can you put there. Open the door of your fridge and take a look at inside. What did you see there? Olive, okay take it. And hmm. I saw a cheese there yes! Take the cheese. Hmm great. And..yes I can see there the salami and jambons. Great okay. I also can see the eggs.

Okay let’s boil them and put the flat grazing table. Step by step we are going ahead. Bread now. Okay get the bread and slice it. Now we can pass to the fruits. Again take a look at the fridge, what do you see? Apples, orange, ananas, banana, grape. Perfect. Take also them and put your grazing table.

prepare grazing tables
prepare grazing tables

Grazing tables for weddings, parties and christmas 

And take also the carrots. They will love carrots! Do we have cucumber? Yes we have, great. Take it and slice and add some salt if you want. Oh! I saw strawberry!! Get the strawberry too! Your guests will like it as a fruit. 

Hmm I see many oranges below there. I want to make some orange juice for them. Thus they can drink it with foods. Is there any Turkish yoghurt? Oh thank God. Yes you have it. And I need some garlic. I will prepare garlic-yoghurt mix for over the bread. And I want to apply this olive puree to the slices of bread.

weddings Grazing tables
weddings Grazing tables

Grazing tables preparing tips and methods

If there’s some bologna in the fridge, we can fry it and break some eggs over it. Hmmm, great idea, isn’t it? Then we can put some olive oil and butter to the plates for your guests. They may like oils. Thus they can dip into the oils their bread.

Oils are suitable with the hot tea and bread. Hmm.. Especially for breakfast time, tea, oil and bread will be definitely spectacular for them. You may need some chocolate as well for bread. It also suitable with red tea. Your guest will like these ideas and will be grateful for this invitation.

Grazing tables tips
Grazing tables tips

Grazing tables for invitations

Do you like jams? You may not but they will definitely want it. We should also put some jams to the grazing table. Thus they can apply the jams to your breads. Hmmm. I like strawberry one. If you have jams, you can also put it to the table. Oh finally finished. We added the last things for your grazing table. Now you can wait your guests. Enjoy your meal!
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Grazing tables for invitations
Grazing tables for invitations

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