Canning – How to Can Your Own Strawberry and also Blueberry Jam

Throughout the summertime, I eagerly anticipate canning my very own homemade strawberry and also blueberry jams. 

Individuals inform me that they do not get involved in canning due to the fact that they believe it’s also difficult; among the most convenient points to can is homemade jam. 

For the adhering to recipes, you will require some jelly or half-pint sized canning containers, seals, and also a water bathroom canner. If you have a container lifter, silicone spatula and also a channel, they will work as well, however not needed. 

Easy Strawberry Jam Dish

Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam
  • 3 mugs fresh strawberries, caps eliminated 
  • 3 mugs granulated sugar 
  • 1 envelope of fruit pectin (Sure-Jell). 

Fruit Prep Work: Laundry and get rid of the caps from your fresh strawberries, position them in a tool sized pan. 

Mix in 1 mug of granulated sugar and bring the blend to a quick boil and also boil for 4 mins. Mix in the 2nd mug of granulated sugar and bring it back to a boil and also boil for an extra 3 mins.

Ultimately, mix in the continuing to be 1 mug of granulated sugar and materials of 1 envelope of fruit pectin, bring blend back to a complete boil and also steam an extra 3 mins, mixing frequently.


Strawberries mixed
Strawberries mixed

Get rid of frying Homemade Jam from the heater and also allow it cool for 10 mins, mixing mix periodically with a nonstick silicone spatula. Spoon blend right into warm, tidy containers and seal. Refine the containers in your water bathroom canner for 10 mins. 

Fruit Prep Work: Laundry and drainpipe fresh blueberries in a bowl-shaped sieve and after that distribute 6 mugs and also position them right into a dish Homemade Jam.

Utilizing a potato masher, mash down the blueberries up until you have 4 1/2 mugs of smashed fruit. Mix in the lemon juice and after that includes the granulated sugar, one mug each time.

Prepare combination

strawberry jam boil
strawberry jam boil

Prepare combination over medium-high warm and also bring it to a complete rolling boil and steam difficult for 2 mins, mixing continuously with a nonstick silicone spatula or spoon.

Shut off the warm and also skim any kind of foam that has created on the top. Mix in the fluid fruit pectin up until combination is incorporated. 

Spoon mix right into warm, tidy containers and also seal. Refine the containers in your water bathroom canner for 10 mins. It is time to evaluate the berries. Primarily you require an extra pound of sugar for every single extra pound of berries.

Include the sugar and also berries

strawberry sugar
strawberry sugar

Include the sugar and also berries to a large hefty actors iron pan. Warmth gradually till the sugar liquifies. If it feels abrasive or crispy, maintain mixing. When the sugar is liquified transform the warm up till the jam boils.

The combination will begin to increase in the frying pan, and the froth will climb to the top. Skim the froth. This is essential to quit mold and microorganisms on the jam.

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