Eating Pegan: What is Pegan diet?


Pegan is made up of Paleo and Vegan. It does not fit together? Fits! Because there are actually similarities between the two forms of nutrition. Which are and why the pegan diet or the Pegan diet is so effective – we’ll tell you.

We make the claim: The Pegan diet will be the last diet of your life. No more cabbage soup, no more calories, never starving.

You can lose weight, maintain your weight, eat healthy and do not even have to go without a treat. It may look extraordinary but yes it is true, it works!

Pegan diet
Pegan diet

Eating Pegan: Losing weight after the 75/25 rule

The Peganism is based on the 75/25 rule. That means: Fruits and vegetables make up the bulk of the diet, the remaining 25 percent is a combination of protein and unsaturated fats.

75-25 rule foods
75-25 rule foods

What does a paleo veganpegan eating?

The pegan diet combines the best features of paleo and vegan nutrition. The idea of ​​eating pegan(pegan diet) is relatively new and was declared in 2015 by the US doctor Mark Hyman released.

For his nutritional concept, the American combined the benefits of both diets: “Both focus on real, whole, fresh foods that are sustainably grown.” Quite similar, as is the case with clean eating.

Does Pegan diet mean that I have to give up animal products from now on? No! It’s just about consuming them more consciously and in smaller quantities.

Eating Pegan
Eating Pegan

What can you eat on a Pegan diet?

Pegan diet
Pegan diet
  • Lots of vegetables

The more vegetables that land on the plate, the better. Many fibers help the body. In addition, should be mainly on colorful low-carb vegetables such as broccoli, eggplant, green asparagus, herbs, kale, spinach, etc. are set. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn are only eaten in small quantities.

  • Healthy fats

Fact, fat is allowed! Rule is “Eat fat, get slim”. Of course only healthy fats, as we find them in fish, avocado, seeds and nuts.

  • Stay away from sugar

Sugar is not one of the staple foods, everyone should be aware of that. Sugar, white flour and processed foods should therefore be found on our plate as rarely as possible.

  • Enjoy the fruits moderately

Fruit is healthy, every kid knows that. According to doctor, however, the spirits are split here: Paleo pendants insist on eating only fruits with low sugar content, such as berries.

  • Always cook yourself and buy natural

Additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dyes and other chemicals are not in your food. What one does not use in the kitchen, according to doctor’s advice, should not be found in purchased food. Even cooking, organic products and foods that were produced without genetic engineering are therefore the best choice.

  • Avoid dairy products

Typical of the stone-age diet Paleo is the view that milk and dairy products are necessary only for the calves, but not for humans.

  • Meat only as a side dish

Meat, fish and other animal products should take a back seat and be understood only as a side dish. Vegetables are the star in the pegan diet.

  • Less gluten

Gluten is the glue in grains like wheat and rye. Some people are very sensitive to gluten and should completely abstain from it in order not to endanger their health.

  • Reduce lentils and beans

There is indeed something true about it, because many people do not get along well with the legumes. Lenses are much better tolerated. You should not eat more than one cup per day.

Benefits of eating pegan

The concept of pegan diet sounds promising. It is plant based and maintains a mindful lifestyle and nutritional style. So much emphasis is placed on a sustainable production of food. The nutritional recommendations of the pegan diet are balanced.

It leaves enough room for people who do not want to submit to too strict rules. A long-term change in diet should be carefully and individually tailored to the needs of each individual.

Especially for convinced vegans, the Pegan diet, for example, can not be implemented because it is based on animal products. But deliberate dieting can be incredibly helpful to most people in learning learned misconduct. Sometimes tumble even in one or the other kilos.

Benefits of eating pegan
Benefits of eating pegan

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